Inköp, järn- och stålskrot
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The efficient recycling of steel scrap is essential for the future success of the Swedish steel industry.

Recycling steel scrap has been a common practice for several centuries and nowadays it is by far the most recycled commodity.

Global consumption of steel scrap has grown continuously through the years and currently stands at approximately 500 Mton worldwide, which is equal to 35% of the steel produced in the world.

From an environmental perspective, this also represents an equivalent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and utilization of natural resources such as iron ore, carbon and other energy products. 

The role of JBF in Sweden is that of an intermediary between the recycling and steel industries, not only concerning commercial matters, but also in efforts to increase the efficiency of recirculation processes and to streamline production.

We manage and participate in a number of research and development projects in the industry and are committed to removing environmentally harmful and hazardous materials in the material flow at as early a stage of the recycling process as possible. 


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